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Why Should Customers Do Business With You?

Posted by admin | On: Mar 02 2012

Pretty Important Question Huh?

I would venture to say that many small business owners get the answer wrong. Inevitably they say it is because they have great quality, good service and a fair price.

But the real reason is because your customer or client is looking for a specific unique benefit or result that your product or service can deliver to them. Think about that for a minute.

When you go to your accountant to get your taxes done, I’ll bet you are looking for a specific result… to get your taxes prepared timely and accurately. When you go to get your hair cut, I’d venture to say you are looking for your hair to look just right. You want the specific result or benefit you are paying for.

That’s What Marketing Is All About
As the great marketing giant Jay Abraham has taught, that’s what marketing is all about. Delivering the specific result, benefit, advantage, protection, etc., that your customer or client comes to you for. Once you have that figured out, then your job is to powerfully communicate to your prospective customer that you can deliver the specific result they are looking for.

While most businesses creatively imitate others, it is crucial for you to be different and distinguish your business from all the rest. Have you ever heard the old marketing saying, “Differentiate or Die?”

How do you do that? By creating your “Unique Selling Proposition” (USP). A USP is that distinct and appealing message that sets you and your business apart favorably from every other generic competitor. Your long-term marketing success will ultimately be tied to how effective you are at communicating this message to your targeted marketplace.

Most business owners do not have a well thought out USP, only a “me too,” rudderless, nondescript, unappealing business that feeds solely upon the sheer momentum of the marketplace. There’s nothing unique; there’s nothing distinct. They promise no great value, benefit, or service — just “buy from us” for no justifiable, rational reason.

Is Your Business Just Getting By?
It’s no surprise then that most businesses, lacking a USP, merely get by. Their failure rate is high, their owners are apathetic, and they get only a small share of the potential business. But other than possibly a convenient location or lowest price why should they get much patronage if they fail to offer any appealing promise, unique feature or special service?

Would you want to patronize a firm that’s just “there,” with no unique benefit, incredible prices or selection, no especially comforting counsel, service or guarantee? Or would you prefer a business that offers you the broadest selection in the country? Or one with every item marked up less than half the margin other competitor’s charge? Or one that sells the “Cadillac” of the industry’s products/services?

Want some examples? Think about how powerful this message for Federal Express was the first time you heard it. “When it absolutely, positively, has to be there overnight.” Or how about the one for Wal-Mart, “Always The Lowest Price.” Or then there is the one for, “Earth’s Biggest Bookstore.”

Can you see what an appealing difference your USP makes in establishing a company’s perceived image or posture to your customer? It’s absurd to operate any business without carefully crafting a clear, strong, appealing USP into the very fabric of the daily existence of that business.

It’s All About Them, Not About You
The point is to focus on the one niche, need or gap that is most sorely lacking, provided you can keep the promise you make. You must then make sure that you consistently deliver on the claims you make.

For example, if a business owner decided that the USP for their company is that they offer the broadest selection of products or services “instantly available” or “always in stock,” but in reality they only stock six out of 25 items and only a few of each item, then they’re falling down on the essence of their USP promise, and their marketing will probably fail. It is critical to always fulfill the “big promise” of your USP.

If you don’t honestly believe you can deliver on your USP, pick another one to build your business on. Just be sure it’s unique and that you can fulfill it.

Just remember, your USP is the nucleus around which you will build your business success on so you had better be able to state it clearly. If you can’t state it clearly, your prospects won’t see it. Whenever a customer needs the type of product or service you sell, your Unique Selling Proposition should bring your company immediately to mind.

Clearly conveying the USP through both your marketing and your business performance will make your business unique and success inevitable.

Have a profitable day.

Kevin M. Clark

Kevin M. Clark is a past Entrepreneur Of The Year Award Winner and is the author of “Kevin M. Clark’s Guide to Marketing Your Business Online. Go to and get a Free copy of this highly acclaimed new book. But hurry, this offer is available for a limited time.


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