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The Reason Why You Must Successfully Brand Your Business

Posted by admin | On: Apr 10 2012

The Reason Why You Must Successfully Brand Your Business

By, Kevin M. Clark

In today’s world of instantaneous results, where e-mail, faxes and overnight delivery have become a staple of our society, business seems to be moving at the speed of lightning and thunder. In addition, the everyday entrepreneur and business owner has become buried in a sea of competitors clamoring to steal your customers, your market share and your profits.

Have you ever heard the saying “Out of sight, out of mind”? Well I rest my case when it comes to being visible in your marketplace and to your prospective customers or clients.

Each Competitor Is Ringing Their Own Bell

Each competitor is ringing their own bell claiming to be the best, to have better quality, a higher level of service or the superior product. So how in the world do you break away from the pack in a clarifying and resounding way that clearly makes you stand out from the herd on the crowded pathways of commerce?

There Is One Clearly Superior Formula

There is one clearly superior formula that the highly successful companies have figured out and that you can use too. What these companies know is that this one extremely valuable strategy can elevate you and/or your company, product or service as the recognized industry leader.

It Is Called Branding

Branding is the technique you use to position yourself and/or your company as the expert in the industry. Branding is a strategy you can use for building an industry or market image for a person, a company, a product or a service. You possess some level of value or expertise in your field or industry that you should become known for.

By Promoting Yourself As a Brand Name

By promoting yourself as a brand name in the market place, you develop an intangible asset that is extremely valuable. When you do this, you are essentially creating a visibility and credibility for you and your company that distinguishes you from the competitive pack. It gives you an edge and makes you distinctive and unique. By the way, that is probably the most fundamental element of business and entrepreneurial success.

Stop And Think About It For a Minute

Stop and think about it for a minute. Profitable branding occurs for famous actors, politicians, athletes, company CEOs, etc. For instance, politicians construct a platform on which they build their campaign and public image.

They focus all their energy and attention on a few key issues and the one essential media message that delivers a result that people can understand and identify with. That way with enough repetition, their target audience will know what they stand for and it will become their brand.

Branding Also Occurs For Companies And Their Products

Apple, Nike, Facebook, Coca-Cola, and many other companies pour millions into advertising so we will recognize their products as helpful, productive, tasty, nutritious, reliable etc.

Many of us have become very loyal to these companies and their branded products and wouldn’t think of buying anything else. In fact, the manufacturers count on exactly that.

A Service Can Be Branded As The Industry Standard Or Leader

A service can be branded as the industry standard or leader. How about Kinko’s? Do you remember them? They were so successful they were acquired by Fed Ex and renamed Fed Ex Kinko’s and then eventually Kinko’s was dropped from the name and they are now known as Fed Ex Office.

The point is that when I needed copies quickly or any multitude of office-type services, I would go to Kinko’s. They established that they were the office support team for the small business owner.

Of course, a company can brand itself by promoting itself as the leader in its field or market or industry. Take Disney for example. Mickey Mouse represents a lot more than theme parks, cartoons, and movies. Disney has branded itself as a family entertainment company.

Parents can feel comfortable they can choose anything that’s Disney and feel safe it will be wholesome entertainment. That’s important to many people and they will be loyal to the Disney brand for that reason.

Your Objective Is…

Your objective is to establish your company and your product/service as the go to “Brand” in your business or industry. The fundamental secret of this formula is that branding is about making a promise to your marketplace – the promise for predictable results.

Therefore, you must have a quality name that telegraphs a result if possible, a “Branding Solution Message” (some people also call it a Unique Sales Proposition) that communicates a benefit, a quality product or service and a reputation for consistently delivering a higher than expected level of service. For if you have that, you’ve got an awesome brand and the rest is just a matter of marketing.

While powerful, this strategy is just the tip of the marketing iceberg. When you implement this tactic alongside other equally powerful business building techniques, you’ll unleash a powerful combination of profitability strategies.

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  1. Interesting concept. I am suprised I didn’t see this on some of the huge media sites first.Nicely played!

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    Fantastic articles and reviews. Kudos for sharing.

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