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The End Of The Rat Race

Posted by admin | On: Nov 01 2012

The End Of The Rat Race.

By Jeff Vacek

Today lots of people are running scared. They’re worried about their jobs (if they even have one), worried about the economy, worried if they’ll ever be able to fulfill their dreams.

What they don’t know – and what I hope you’re beginning to realize – is that they (and you) are sitting on a goldmine!

That’s right. You are sitting on a stash of information that people would gladly pay money for.

And Information Marketing is how you can make money from your goldmine – truckloads of it.

We’re absolutely confident you can use our Information Marketing techniques to make YOUR fortune.

Look, Ken and I both did it, and we started out as nobodies, nerds, with no background in marketing at all.

But we had a couple of things going for us.

First, we believed we could do it.

And second, we had mentors who guided us in our first steps – just like we want to mentor you. I know you can do everything we did, and we want to help you get there.

The goal of this essay is to help you lay the groundwork for creating your own money-making machine. This is how you can get massive wealth to start flowing to you so you can enjoy an amazing life.

So buckle up and get ready to take off into the stratosphere.

Let me start by assuring you that whatever your background or skill set, you can make big money in this business. Just to prove it to you, I’m going to tell you a little bit of my own story.

Then I’m going to give you a secret that you can take to the bank.

First of all, I have to admit it – I’m a total nerd. I was a computer geek in school, and right out of college I got my first job in IT.

But it didn’t take long before it got really old sitting for hours in Houston rush hour traffic just to get to and from a boring J-O-B. I’d sit in my car thinking there had to be something better than this.

It wasn’t just the traffic and the cast-iron schedule – it was the total lack of creativity. I didn’t like working for someone else. I wanted to live my own dreams.

But I didn’t know where to start. So I tried some of the methods that maybe you’ve looked into yourself – real estate, MLM – and I did okay, but I wasn’t excited about any of it.

Then I discovered Information Marketing, and it was like the skies opened up and the angels sang. The crazy thing was, I didn’t know anything about the business. But I was able to learn everything I needed to know pretty quickly.

Like I said earlier, I didn’t do this all alone. I had some terrific mentors – which is one of the reasons why I feel compelled to mentor people like you, as a way of paying back what they did for me.

But the real beauty of it is that some of the basic principles are so simple. You just need someone to point them out to you.

So, here’s the secret I promised to tell you that you can take to the bank:

You don’t have to be an expert in a field to sell information. How much you know doesn’t matter. What really matters is that your buyers know you care.

Think about it. This is permission for you to choose, without any hesitation at all, whatever area you’re passionate about to build your business around. And it’s the key to knowing how to position yourself so that people will be eager to buy from you.

That’s a million-dollar secret right there.

But Ken’s story is even more amazing because unlike me, he had NO technical background. And he still knows nothing about anything technical. In fact, I call him a techno-idiot.

But he had the drive to do something great with his life, and just as I’ve been telling you, that’s really what it takes to succeed in this business.

If you’re willing enough and passionate enough about making it big as an Information Marketer, the technical end will take care of itself. So, let me tell you about Ken, and then I’m going to reveal to you a secret that will bring people running to you.

For Ken it all started when he was teaching music to high school students in a Chicago suburb, spending weekends playing gigs at weddings and Bar Mitzvahs, and generally feeling like his life was going nowhere. (Do you know the feeling?)

Ken said to himself, “I’m going to get out of this rat race. I’m going to completely change our financial lives.” It was making that conscious choice that was the start of an amazing transformation for him.

That’s what got him looking for something new, and that’s how he found Information Marketing. Once he found that, and set his mind on succeeding there, the resources he needed came to him.

That’s so important for you to understand: He made himself available, and the help came.

I’ll bet you have your own version of the proverbial Rat Race – or you soon will. There’s a point in your life when you realized you didn’t want to settle anymore.

That moment was a gift. It was a new kind of awareness that put you in a position where you could make major changes. And it may be because of that moment that you’re reading this essay right now.

Now, here’s the secret I promised to tell you that will bring people running to you. Be prepared, it may sound too simple. But think about it deeply, act on it, and you’ll see its amazing power:

If you will stand up and be a leader, people will follow.

That’s it. People are looking for someone to lead the way. They are desperate for a hero who will point them to success. Like I said earlier, you don’t have to be an expert. You just have to show them you care and organize the knowledge and the resources they need. They will come flocking to you.

That’s what Ken did, with minimal knowledge. And in his first attempt to make money as an Information Marketer, he made more than $12,000 in less than two months. And that became the grub stake that financed his million-dollar career.

For now, think about YOUR Rat Race.

You have to realize that you can’t do this alone… and you don’t have to. Your Rat Race exit ramp is coming up soon. In fact, click here right now and check it out:

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