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My All Time Favorite Marketing Method

Posted by admin | On: Apr 17 2012

My All Time Favorite Marketing Method
By David Frey

Over the years I’ve tried many different ways to drive traffic to my websites.

I’ve tried…

1. search engine marketing.

2. pay per click traffic.

3. paid banner ads.

4. Viral video marketing

…and a host of other methods. Each method worked well, to a certain extent.

But the best overall traffic method I’ve ever used is Education-Based Marketing, otherwise known as CONTENT MARKETING.

What Is Content Marketing

Content marketing is a method of marketing that uses education as a tool for attracting the attention and interest of your prospects and getting them to identify themselves to you.

These educational tools can be in the form of…

1. Articles

2. Special reports

3. Audio programs

4. Webinars

5. Powerpoint presentations

6. Online videos

7. Podcasts

8. White papers

9. Blogs

10. Email courses

11. eBooks


When your prospects find and consume these educational tools, some very special things can happen.

1. They develop a trust and respect for your expertise.

2. They discover how and where to connect with you

3. In most cases, you acquire their contact information

4. They begin to follow you as an expert

5. They are pre-sold on your products or services

What Kind of Content Do You Use?

People have problems and they are always looking for solutions to those problems. So if you want people to find you and consume your information, talk about solutions to problems.

I’ve always believed that every industry has really bad, ugly, smelly, problems and those problems never change. They were problems 20 years ago andthey’re still problems today.

Start creating content that solves those problems. For example, if you sell relationship management software, create content that addresses the biggest problems in relationship management.The person who is interested in consuming your content, will be your best prospect.

How Do You Create Content

I believe that all great content starts out with a great outline or “mind map.”


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A mindmap is just another way to represent an outline of ideas. You can search online for mindmap software to help you create a mindmap. For example, if I was writing an article or a white paper, here’s a simple formula that I would use to create content.

Step 1 – Call out to who you’re writing to

Step 2 – Define the problem

Step 3 – Explain the consequences of the problem

Step 4 – Explain the consequences of not solving the problem

Step 5 – Give the solution

Step 6 – Tell how the solution solves the problem

Step 7 – Tell why the solution is unique

Step 8 – Give an actual example of how someone was suffering from the problem

Step 9 – Tell how your solution helped to solve the problem for the person

Step 10 – Tell how that person is enjoying the results of your solution today

Step 11 – Explain how anyone in the same situation can achieve the same results

Step 12 – Explain how people can find out more about your solution

Notice how this outline almost reads like a story. The best content tells a story. Stories engage your prospects and touch their emotions. When you can touch a person’s emotions, they’ll be more likely to act on your call to action.

Repurposing Your Content For Maximum Exposure

The way McDonalds got so big is by opening up lots of stores that sell the same hamburgers. The same goes for your content.

If you want to get known, you have to create good content and then get that content consumed in as many places as possible. For example, let’s suppose you sell web design services and you created an article about the top 10 web design mistakes.

Here’s 5 ways to repurpose that article.

After (1) submitting that article to blogs in your prospect’s community, you might (2) record an audio version of it and submit it as a podcast to iTunes. Then you might (3) create a quick powerpoint and record a video of it and submit it to all the video sharing sites. You can also take that PowerPoint and (4) submit it to several slide sharing sites. The next step might be to (5) create a PDF version with a large title page and call it a special report and submit it to eBook download directories.

Now what was just one article, has turned into multiple educational tools that are watched, download and listened to by thousands of your potential prospects.

Oh yes, I forgot a biggie.

Never forget to post your content to the SOCIAL MEDIA sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If it’s a really good piece of content, people will start sharing it with their followers on social media. In fact, social media IS the #1 way to make your content go viral.


That’s content marketing in a nutshell. The Internet has made content marketing one of the highest ROI forms of marketing today. I honestly believe that ANY and EVERY marketer today should be, at least, partially promoting their product or service using content marketing.

If you’re not, you’re missing the boat because more and more consumers are going online to research products and services before they buy.

YOU need to get in front of your prospect’s eyeballs and capture their heart and mind (before someone else does!). David Frey is the CEO of and the author of the “Small Business Marketing Bible.”

Have a profitable day!

Kevin M. Clark

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