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Marketing Tips 101 – 6 Reasons Why Email Marketing Should Be Used By Every Business

Posted by admin | On: Mar 06 2012

There are 6 compelling reasons why every business should be using email marketing as an integral part of their online marketing strategy. This article by Chris R. Keller explains each reason why…

Email marketing is very easy to scale and requires no additional effort. Writing an email for a list that has only 100,000 recipients take no less time than an email that is written for a list with 10 recipients. Therefore email marketing becomes more and more efficient as you are able to grow your email marketing recipient list over time.

1. It’s Inexpensive
Email marketing is not expensive. You can even do it free. All you need is an email account and a list of people to send your email to. It is advisable to get a service that will track opens and clicks but if you have a small budget you can still do email marketing until you have enough money to invest in a service.

Even if you do purchase a service, the costs of getting a service are very small. Email marketing is probably the least expensive marketing method a business can use, next to only social media.

2. Repeat Impressions
Email marketing has a great advantage over almost all other marketing methods with the exception of maybe direct mail, SMS marketing and online ad re-targeting.

The advantage that all of these marketing methods have over all other marketing methods is that they allow you to send marketing messages to exactly the same people over and over. Since the average marketing message needs to be seen seven times before it sinks in with a person, this feature of email marketing is highly valuable.

Here is a great example, lets say you see a large advertisement on the front page of a newspaper on the first day of the year for Company A and then never see another ad from them all year. Compare that to Company B where you receive and read an email once a month from them for the entire year (12 emails in total).

At the end of the year which business do you think you will be more likely to remember, know more about, and be more likely to purchase from?

3. Email Marketing Is Targeted
Even if you have repeatedly shown the same people your marketing message and those people are not well targeted, your marketing efforts will never go anywhere.

The key to successful marketing is to have your marketing efforts targeted to the right people. If you spend money and effort marketing to people who will never need or be interested in your product, then obviously your marketing will not be effective.

This is often the problem with traditional marketing methods like radio and newspaper as often a large portion of the people that see or read your ad may never be in a position to buy your product.

With email marketing you can focus on building a list of recipients for your emails that will want to buy what you are selling at some point in the future. You can build a list of people to market to that will be highly targeted and interested in what you are selling, therefore making your marketing efforts much more successful.

4. Easy To Execute
Everyone knows how to write an email so email marketing can be done by anyone. You don’t need to know HTML code, computer programming, be good with graphics or any fancy stuff to be able to do email marketing successfully.

Often the simplest emails are the most effective. The amount of time it takes to write an email is also not a lot. Email marketing really is probably the easiest way to market your business.

5. It’s Trackable
Email marketing has a great advantage over many other marketing methods in that it can be easily tracked. It is easy to know how effective each email was and how much revenue was generated by each email sent. Tracking revenue is as easy as creating a specific purchase page for your email campaign and tracking revenue generated from that page.

You can also track revenue from email marketing by requiring prospects or customers to email you to take advantage of your email offers. In addition to tracking sales results you can also track performance measures like opens, reads and clicks using a service like Aweber,Constant Contact, Acymail or any of the hundreds of available email services.

With this data it gives you clear visibility to what is work and what is not. With this information you can constantly be testing new ideas and constantly improving your results.

6. Return On Investment
The only reason to spend money should be if spending that money will make you more money. With email marketing the money you spend on it will generate more money for your business.

It is estimated that for the average business for every $1.00 they spend on email marketing in 2011 they will generate $39.00 in sales. Now that is a great return on investment! That number also only includes the sales that are directly attributed to email marketing and can be linked to it either by a sale resulting from a click through or an email back to the company.

What that number does not include is the additional benefit email marketing can provide by increasing your referrals. If you use email marketing with your existing customers you can increase your top of mind awareness with them, increase sales with them, and also increase the amount of referrals they send your way.

Email marketing is often the highest ROI marketing vehicle for most businesses. Do not under estimate the power of email marketing to existing customers. It can grow your revenues by 20-50%. If email marketing is not part of the marketing plan for your business be sure to start using it today.

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