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I have recently experienced what I call the Kevin Clark effect! Through implementation of his simple but powerful strategies, I have taken my active real estate client list from 2 to 18! Approximately 75% of these will result in revenue. I knew I needed help but I never expected results like these and certainly not this fast! Kevin’s expertise and experience together with his ability to understand small business marketing in order to apply powerful, results driven, holistic strategies has unlocked many revenue streams I never knew existed! I have already referred his services to a family and friends and can’t wait to hear how her business will benefit from the Kevin Clark effect!

Marty M. – Real Estate Broker

I have been working with Kevin Clark for only 3 short months.  In that time the marketing assistance and business coaching has taken my business from 3 deals a month to 11 deals a month.  I could not be happier about the results and service I am receiving and can not say enough good things about his ability to help my small business. I am specifically impressed with your drive to create results.  Your information helps me insure that strategies and goals are put into action instead of simply good talking points. I will always encourage others to seek out your newsletters and other services.  Please feel free to share this message with anyone interested in your information.

Spencer H. – Mortgage and Lending

“In today’s competitive market a small business simply cannot afford wasting time in reinventing the wheel – and there’s no need. The basic strategies that I have learned from Kevin has helped me to implement a marketing plan of action that has guided potential clients in my direction. This has resulted in a big increase in production and limited time competing for customers!  Thanks Kevin!”

Brett H. – Property Management Company

“Kevin Clark has helped us change our old way of thinking, and enlightened us in the area of marketing.  We have learned how to do things that get results!  He has helped us create a plan, and a course of action, that will take our company to a whole new level of in the market place.”

Chris Reckinger, President, CJ Reckinger, Inc.

“Believe me, I have spent thousands of dollars & hundreds of hours in continuous training – Kevin set me straight in 30 minutes. Thank you Kevin.”

Chris Chase, President , Focus On Sales of Oregon

“Anyone who has a struggling business or just a business that is not bringing in the profits you want, just talk with Kevin Clark. He showed us how to take our ideas, turn them into a plan and put them into action. He knows what he is talking about!”
Chris B. Auto Detail Owner

“When my partner and I started our e-commerce business, we knew we had found a niche in the multi-billion dollar travel industry.  What we didn’t know was how to let the world know about the products and services we had worked so hard to provide.  Our marketing concepts were like buckshot from a shotgun, scattered in every direction.  Realizing we needed help, we contacted Kevin Clark Kevin took an immediate interest in our company, and after only 2 days of consulting, managed to hone our buckshot marketing approach to the accuracy of a laser beam. Thanks to Kevin we now have a Website that incites an action from its visitors, a corporate brand that defines our company, a source of future clients that have given their permission to be contacted, a means of promoting our products and services to target market groups without cost to our company, and most importantly, we have become more profitable.  I strongly recommend Kevin Clark to anyone who is interested in making their business more profitable, too.”

Mark A. Internet Marketer

“This one simple, yet powerful strategy could very easily double our business over the next one year!”

Don T. CEO Non Profit Company

“Your ideas are simple and full of common sense… We expect to increase our business by 100%.”

Paul Hershenson, President Art & Logic, Inc.

Over the past 15 years, we have hired and worked with over a dozen different professionals who provide branding and corporate identity services.  We’ve worked with major national companies; hip, trendy and fashionable boutiques; and talented soloists.  In every case, we worked with a principal of the firm.

Our recent results with Kevin Clark and his (strategic alliance) partner Wayne Kosterman, were completely different – and vastly superior – to all of our other experiences.

Kevin and Wayne asked the right simple, important, and probing questions.  They then worked with us to develop a brand, branding solution message and corporate identity that is perfect for our business. It’s clear, concise, and memorable.  It contrasts

sharply with our competitors.  And, it incorporated all of the qualities we felt were important.

Kevin has my very highest recommendation.  He is a true expert in his field — and he’s a complete delight to work with as well.

Dr. Audri G. Lanford Internet Marketer

Live Event Marketing Attendee’s Comments

“Very Informative – Would and will definitely recommend to anyone wishing to improve their company’s bottom line.

Mark A. Internet Marketer

“If you don’t want to be one of those 3 out of 4 businesses that fail, talk to Kevin.”

Ron H., Advertising

“There’s enough ideas packed into 2 days to fill any businesses marketing plans.”

Wendy G. Health Network

“Thank you Kevin!  Excellent info.  This will help us in a big way.”

Will R. Internet Markete

Thank you for opening my mind!  I found my adrenalin pumping from time to time throughout!”

Michael K. Golf Course Executive

“I think the simple and easiest things will benefit the most.”

Jack B. Newspaper Exec

“A lot of great ideas, Kevin really got my mind working on a lot of things we can do to improve our marketing.”

Toni B. Dental Office Manager

“Excellent overview of whole area of marketing.  Helped incubate a lot of ideas.  Very good written materials.”

George W. Orthodontist

“Very good information, usable for any type of business.  Getting excited about the possibilities.”

Julie R. Technology and Software Business

“Many great ideas!  This experience sparked my imagination!”

Vince B. – Radio Station Executive

“The Seminar was extremely worthwhile and I am glad I was able to attend.”

Sandy R. Community College

“Outstanding content, organized well, delivered well!”

Wayne K. Graphics Business