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How Branding Your Business Brings You Power and Profitability.

Posted by admin | On: May 10 2012

How Branding Your Business Brings You Power and Profitability

By: Kevin M. Clark

As a child growing up in Utah, I lived on a ranch. OK, maybe a ranchette. To tell you the truth, some people would tell you it was just a big pasture. But to me it was like a ranch because my grandpa Liston was a real rancher.

Before moving to Provo (“the big city” as my mother called it back then), he and my grandma, my mother and her younger brother ran a cattle ranch in southern Utah.

I can vividly remember going to the cattle auction with grandpa on Saturday mornings to buy cattle that we would raise on our ranch.

We only had a few cows, contained by a fence in our pasture, so it really wasn’t necessary to brand them as it was when he ranched on the open range.

But I can remember going with grandpa to the auction and listening to stories about branding time and driving the herd to market. I can remember how important branding was to him.

He Would Tell Me Stories…

He would tell me stories about what it was like when he was a young struggling rancher. He would recount that times were very hard back then. He couldn’t afford to waste even one cent.

He knew that his future depended upon gathering and accounting for every single calf and cow and making sure that they wore his brand.

This was his herd and every individual cow mattered. It would determine his profit or loss during the selling season when he would drive them to market.

I remember grandpa had a special talent or an extra sense when it came to animals. He could find any cow and drive it from every nook, cranny and crevice in the mountainside when it came time to round up his herd for the branding process.

Occasionally, he would find a cow or calf sick or in trouble. He would do everything within his power to save every animal or to protect the herd from one who had a disease that might spread it to the others.

What does this simple story have to do with you and your business?

What does this simple story have to do with you and your business?

Well, you will essentially be doing the same thing when you are branding your business if you want to build a profitable online/offline enterprise. In today’s fiercely competitive market shouldn’t your attention to every single customer be just as important to you?

You build your brand one customer at a time and you care about each one. You deliver higher-than-expected levels of customer service. You solve their problems when your product or service doesn’t perform just right for them.

You round them up and communicate with them about your brand and the results and benefits you offer them.

You keep reminding them why you are special and different than your competitors.

You stamp your brand on them, creating a loyal and enduring buying base. This is the power and the profitability of branding your business.

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Have a profitable day!

Kevin M. Clark


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