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Kevin M. Clark is CEO, Father of 5, Past Entrepreneur Of The Year Award Winner, Author…

Small Business Owner, Consultant, and Speaker.

Kevin clearly remembers the day he decided that he wanted to become an Entrepreneur… he was 13 years old.  His family owned a small carpet store in Springville, Utah for a few years and Kevin helped run the small business after school.

He loved the feeling of freedom of knowing that you could be your own boss.  But he will never forget the day he did not show up to help his dad install carpet in the house of a new customer.  He was late because he was hooking up some new speakers in the family car.  It was then that he discovered the “responsibility” side of growing a small business.

The one that says that it’s only you that you have to count on to build and market your business because no one is coming to the rescue.  Not even his Mom could help him that day.  He got what was coming to him, but he never forgot the lesson.

Since then Kevin went on to build and grow his own companies into the millions of dollars including one company that he marketed to $150 Million in Annual Revenues leading that business through a successful Initial Public Offering on Nasdaq.

In addition, he is a past winner of the prestigious Entrepreneur Of The Year Award (regional) presented by Ernst & Young, Inc. Magazine and Merrill Lynch, he was inducted into the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame by the University of Illinois Chicago and Arthur Anderson (among many other honors and awards) and has helped scores of small business owners achieve new successes by executing both online and offline marketing and profitability strategies.

Kevin has dedicated himself to supply the necessary marketing tools all small business owners need to build and grow the kind of profitable businesses they have always dreamed of.

Today Kevin is the proud Founder and CEO of a leading edge Small Business Marketing newsletter and website focused entirely on helping you to grow your business success.  Kevin has published numerous articles and reports but is best known for two books he authored about online marketing, “Kevin M. Clark’s Guide to Marketing On The Internet” and, “How To eBrand Your Business.”

Kevin currently resides in Salt Lake City, UT with Debbie his wife of 25 years and loves to spend time with his family running races for charity and participating in community service activities.  He is a nationally acclaimed speaker, active member of the Business Advisory Council, DePaul University, Chicago, IL and a Lifetime Member of the Entrepreneur Of The Year Award Institute.