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7 Great Digital Tools To Help Your Small Business

Posted by admin | On: Mar 02 2012

7 Great Digital Tools To Help Your Small Business

This resource rich article by Melinda Emerson helps you understand how technology is now making some things about running a business a lot easier.

There are a number of free and low-cost digital tools that can help you meet your business goals. Here are 7 tech tools that could help you save time and money.


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7 Great Digital Tools To Help Your Small Business.

Most small business owners have a to do list that is way too long. Let’s face it, running a business has become
more difficult than ever.

The good news is that technology is now making some things about running a business a lot easier. There are a
number of free and low-cost digital tools that can help you meet your business goals.

Here are 7 tech tools that could help you save time
and money.

1. by Hubspot, is a free tool to evaluate your marketing through your website. You’ll know what marketing activities are working (or aren’t working).

You’ll get answers to questions: Are you doing enough to bring visitors to your website? How is your content
creation working?

How are your optimization and website promotion skills? How do you do when it comes to converting traffic into leads?
Do your landing pages, conversion forms, email marketing and social media efforts compare?)? This free tool is completely

2. is a real time analytics application that provides online retailers with a live window into individual visitors’ shopping activity in their online store.

This free app gives merchants the tools to better understand their customers’ shopping patterns – what they buy, browse
and ignore.

3. Enloop: is great free business plan software. Enloop can work for seasoned entrepreneurs working on reinvention or a student working on their small business hustle in a dorm room. You can quickly build an investor ready document that will make your business shine.

Enloop offers a paid version, but most entrepreneurs can get what they need from the free version.

4. AIM: Lets you share photos, links and documents in


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messages more easily and collaborate better with more sophisticated group chat. Plus, the app for smartphones and
tablets syncs conversations so you never miss a message while you’re running from meeting-to-meeting or travelling back
home from a trip.

5. Evernote: Manages your digital to-do list and keeps random notes all in one place across all of your devices to help you stay on top of regular tasks and reminders.

6. Make it easy for people to find you by building a free page on The site makes it easy to connect your online identity from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. in one place so potential customers or clients can learn more about you.

Take control of your online identity and breathe new life into networking and personal branding to make sure you make
the right first impression.

7. Freshbooks: is online accounting and invoicing software that is easy to use. You can send an invoice a few seconds after creating your account no matter what level of experience you have.

You can send invoices via email and snail mail if you wish. The account starts out free then there’s nominal monthly fee
for use, which increases depending on the features you need. Accounting is tough for most business owners and you need
to know all the options available.

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